Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keeping the cold at bay

The seasons are changing rapidly and it already feels like winter! We have a great selection of gear to keep you comfortable and warm while you ride.

Josie loves the Bontrager skull cap-it has longer sides near the ears to keep them fully covered. Your helmet will fit over it easily as well.

Balaclavas, gloves, headbands, and more! You can find anything you need, and if we do not have it, order it for you.

Another item that Josie loves is the hooded base layer from Bontrager that is out right now: B3 WSD Hooded Long-Sleeve Baselayer

It has thumb holes so you can easily slip gloves on. The hood can be down and zipped so it is a loose collar around your neck. Have the hood up without it covering your face, or allow the lower-half to cover your chin/mouth similar to a balaclava. It is versatile, functional, and sharp!

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