Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May Updates

First thing first, if you are interested in a 2016 Trek Farley you have until May 9th to pre-order with a 10% discount! The prices on our website reflect the MSRP, not the price with the 10% discount. This is a fantastic opportunity to be one of the first with a new 2016 Trek Farley product- and the only time you'll find yourself purchasing 2016 product at a discount for the rest of the year! Fatbikes are great for riding all-year round. We're still selling fatbikes and it's May!

Curious to know what's so special about them? Well, you can stop in and rent a fatbike for 4 hours for $25.00. You can't beat that!

We attended the 25th Annual Decorah Time Trials on April 25th and had a fantastic time! We greatly appreciated the time off to spend with our friends. The weather turned out great, the trails were super awesome, and Josie placed 3rd in the women's category! Wow!

We are having great success with our weekly women's rides, so we wanted to extend the fun to the guys, too! On the first Sunday of the month (weather permitting, of course) stop by the shop and join us for our Co-Ed/Co-Led mountain bike rides! These rides are for anyone to join, however we emphasize this is a casual pace, no-drop ride. We will go the pace that works with the newest rider who joins, and there will be stops along the way for catch-up time/breaks. Travis leads the guys while Josie leads the FWD- we will all meet at a specified location at the end of the ride route. From there we'll head back to the shop to drop off any potential rental bikes and then head over to Good Times (or another eatery of choice) for post ride eats/beverages. We hope you can join us!

Start: As close to 5 p.m. as possible
End: ?- but likely close to 7ish or so.
Where: Decorah Bicycles parking lot
What to ride: A mountain bike. If you are in need of a bike we will offer special pricing on our mountain bike rentals ONLY for FWD and DB specified rides. You can rent a fatbike or a 29'er for $15.00 (original price- $25.00)

This rate applies for our Sunday FWD and Co-ed/Co-led rides or scheduled FWD rides.

On May 3rd we had our first Co-Ed/Co-Led ride and had a grand time! We were able to lead a person out on the trails for their first dirt ride on their new mountain bike. It was a great experience to have a group of riders, all varying in experience, giving a positive and encouraging environment for a new rider to explore in. Really, we've all been there at one point or another- and a positive group experience can really open doors for everyone to learn something from someone- be a new skill or perception.

In the event of a rain date, the ride will be postponed to the following Sunday. This will happen until we have held our Co-Ed/Co-Led ride for the month.

For all other Sundays, so long as weather cooperates and there are interested persons, Travis will lead a ride for the guys! Start time is the same as the FWD rides- 5 p.m. We hope you can join us!

May is Bike Month and we are doing something super special to promote those who ride but for a local group who helps to maintain our awesome mountain bike trails.
From now until end of day May 31st we will be doing a fundraiser to raise money for DHPT (Decorah Human Powered Trails)

Donate $5.00 and you will receive a raffle ticket that will put you into a drawing for 3 fantastic prizes!

Grand Prize- $500.00 gift certificate to Decorah Bicycles
Second Prize- Silver level tune-up valued at $79
Third Prize- A helmet valued at $40 and a pair of SockGuy socks of your choosing!

Enter as many times as you like, there is no limit on how many tickets you purchase.
All money is donated to DHPT
Goal amount- $500 or MORE!

You've likely seen us posting a photo of a really awesome Decorah-themed jersey on our Facebook and website. The jersey was designed by locals Bob and Sandy Bishop, to simply bring together and celebrate cycling and what makes our town shine!

You have the opportunity to pre-order a Decorah jersey to ensure you have your size when they come in. They will be priced at $89.99 and will fit similar to our Luther College jersey (Still worried? Stop on in and try a Luther jersey on!)

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves riding bikes, and the colors will be excellent for the hot day rides that you'll encounter during the summer months. Want to represent Decorah during your ride, race, or cycling-related event? We will have you covered! (RAGBRAI, anyone?)

Calling everyone who has purchased a bike from us!
Would you like to have your bike (purchased from Decorah Bicycles)
featured on our Facebook page? Yeah? AWESOME!
Send an email to Josie-

Whatever information you want to give: name, bike, area where you took the photo
(Take a photo on your next bike ride!)

Bikes will be featured as emails come in!

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