Monday, July 6, 2015

July Updates

July has officially started and Josie has realized the calendar at home still says "June" which indicates that the past few weeks have flown by rather quickly!
We have a big announcement to make that we will continue to share on social media sites for the next few weeks. Travis and Josie will be going to a trade show event called SaddleDrive, which will be in Ogden, UT.

The days of the event are Sunday, July 19th- Wednesday, July 22rd.

It was a tough decision, but they decided to have the store closed in their absence. Please bear in mind we do not take closing the store down for several days lightly. The last time the store was closed for a period of days was for the Interbike trade show in '13. (Yup, it has happened before!)

The store will be open normal hours on Saturday, July 18th.

Travis and Josie felt it was simply too much to put on the shoulders of new helpers who are on their first season at the shop.

The store will resume normal hours Thursday, July 23rd.

At the event, Travis and Josie will be able to demo new 2016 Surly and Salsa products. It's very exciting and they are looking forward to the trip. It will be Josie's first time mountain biking outside of Decorah, sweet!

As a general reminder, we would like to encourage those who opt to rent a bike for 4 hours towards the later afternoon to please have the bikes back before/by the time we close.

We are working on repairs as quickly as we can, but with busy days/weekends it is difficult to get a lot of repairs done with the "small fix" traffic we experience. We are over a week out right now on tune-ups.

Josie has seen interest in her privately led rides, which is great! Please keep in mind that if you would like to schedule a solo ride with Josie it must be done ahead of time. Currently the store is busy enough during most weekdays (and especially on weekends) that she cannot take ride requests on the spot. You can email Josie or fill out the contact form located here.

The Sunday rides have been going great so long as the weather cooperates. We do call the ride off if it has rained enough to make trails fairly slick. The all rider levels are welcome on the rides, however we do emphasize on new riders- we do not want to have the ride changed to "experienced riders only" when trails aren't ideal. We also want to make sure that we don't encourage riders to go out when it's too wet. Not only could ruts be created, but it's also easy for someone to slide off the edge and knock some shoring out of place.

We are running low on our stock of sale Shasta shorts ($30 dollars, originally $75!) so you should stop down and potentially snag yourself a pair (or two!) They are the least expensive padded cycling short we've carried and they are great for new riders! If you want a short that looks casual and feels comfortable, these are the ticket.

Why padded shorts? Well, if you experience discomfort on longer rides, having a padded short can potentially help a lot! Learn more about cycling shorts and chamois, visit these links: Lycra & Baggy shorts.

"I just found the best selection of women's mountain bike shorts! I now have blue, green, & purple! Thanks Decorah Bicycles!"- Michelle
Michelle Barker (Upper Midwest director) from IMBA recently stopped in and loved our selection of women's mountain bike shorts! Thanks for the shout out, Michelle! We love color and are glad to know other women do, too! We have shorts available from Specialized and Race Face. Josie has worn both brands, and if you have any questions you can sure chat her up!

July 5th was our Co-Ed/Co-Led ride and it was a fantastic day to hit up some awesome dirt with fellow riders!
We chose a route that was filled with some fun downhill areas. It was fun to ride some trails in the opposite direction. It's pretty easy to forget that trails can go both ways and they can provide new challenges and fun experiences.

Our ride maybe wasn't the smoothest ride in terms we got separated as a group a couple times- but all who attended had a great time. It was a semi "choose your own adventure" ride which overall I think brought a little spontaneity to the evening.

We also have a couple lost and found items that were turned in over the holiday weekend. If these are yours you can call or email us!