Monday, November 25, 2013

Come On In!

Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 30th and we would like to invite you to stop in. 

We have many great bikes currently on sale right now; bikes for adults and children alike! Why wait until next year? Get your bike now so you have it on the first nice day of the riding season.

We also have an excellent special on our CycleOps trainers right now. Buy a trainer and you have the option of getting 10% off any regular priced bike in store.You won't see Amazon offering you a deal like that!

We also have a special thank you for those purchasing regularly priced Surly or Specialized bikes from us. You get a free t-shirt from our selection of Specialized or Surly shirts that we have available in store!

We have many great gift ideas for the bike-lover in your family or your college student commuter. Keep them safe by getting them set up with a quality light from NiteRider. NiteRider lights are rechargeable which makes them a very green alternative to battery powered lights. 

We have many accessories that can make commuting or general bike riding easier and more enjoyable for you. Maybe you purchased a smart phone this year? Why not get a smart phone holder for your bike? Wanting to give all-weather riding a go? Check out our selection of fenders and other winter accessories.

Don't forget to upgrade your helmet! If it's been over 5 years or you had a head-impacting crash, it's probably a good idea to replace it. We believe that helmets are the least expensive life insurance options you can invest in. No one is too experienced or inexperienced to wear a helmet; accidents can happen to anyone at any time.

We also have shirts from Clockwork Gears for those who want to represent their love of bikes, but not be "branded." Clockwork Gears shirts are fun and definitely make a statement. We have assorted sizes for men and women as well as several designs to choose from.

For those individuals who love other winter time activities, check out our ice skate, ski and snowshoe selections.

We may be a small town business but we have the means to cater to your needs. If we do not have it in store we can special order it for you, no problem! We're here to answer questions and help you make the most of your bike riding experience. 

Have someone on your list that is difficult to shop for? We have gift certificates!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Commuting-Yes You Can!

Did you know that you could commute to work all winter long? Well you sure can!

The basics of winter riding are simple, you want to have layers, a good coat, and your extremities covered. Most of us have items we can easily layer, which makes the first part simple.
If you have a winter coat, you may already have one that is water and windproof. If you do not have a coat that is water or windproof you may consider getting one. Otherwise look for an option that you can wear over your winter coat-use it for the windy and wet days that you'll be riding in. I personally didn't realize the benefit of having a wind and waterproof layer until I had one. It really makes the ride much more tolerable.
You can wear simple tights or long johns under your pants to give you added insulation; and don't forget warm socks!

You may need to spend a little money on items to keep your extremities warm, such as good gloves, head gear, and goggles. Goggles look silly, but they really provide you excellent blockage from snow/sleet and cold air. When you ride in the cold your eyes are likely to tear up, the goggles will prevent that from happening. Also, no worries on snow or sleet flying into your eyes either!
For your head a skull cap or headband that is windproof will keep your ears nice and cozy. I prefer the skull cap because gives full-head coverage and it's quick and easy to put on.
If you have a good pair of gloves, you might consider putting bar mitts on your bike as well. They are a great accessory that can be installed relatively quickly and easily for you. They provide a cavity for your hands to go into, completely covering your hands and wrists. It provides an extra barrier from the wet elements and wind, keeping you comfortable.

One of the other things to do if you ride all winter or are going to, is to get your bike tuned up and looked over. Ask questions! What kind of tires would be more helpful for your riding experience in the snowy months? Studded tires are also available during the icy months and would be a great investment.
Your chain may need to be cleaned and lubed more frequently due to the sand/salt/grit out on the streets and general wet of winter. Maybe you'd like to know more about our removable fenders? Fenders are excellent for helping to keep the wet/slop/dirt off your back, as well as keeping the spray off your face!

A tune up now will keep your running smooth for the winter months to come. Our repair board is not filled to the brim, so we are able to help you quickly and efficiently!
If you are not looking to ride your bike this winter, getting your bike tuned up now will save you a wait in the summer months. It's really that simple! So take advantage of winter and use it for your benefit. Make your winter commute safer and fun, or get yourself primed and ready for some awesome riding for spring!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Did You Know?

With the holidays fast approaching and stress hitting the roof, we'd love to remind you of two great ways to achieve your heart's desire; layaway and the Trek card!

Yes, layaway is an option at our store and we make it easy for you! All we ask is that you pay us a down payment and regularly stop in monthly to make payments toward your purchase. You get your item(s) once they are fully paid for. Simple!
We store everything here at the store, no hassle and no worries on your end!

The Trek card is another great way to make a large purchase on anything $500 or over. You simply come into the store and fill out an online application. Once approved we'll help you figure out a monthly payment so you can get your purchase paid off in 12 months, interest free. Awesome!

As you can see, we have two great options for you to make those larger purchases manageable and easy. Take some of the stress out of the holiday season this year, or any time of year with these two payment plans!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Simply Splendid Socks!

Every year you find yourself in the same predicament; there is that one person you struggle to find a gift for. That wonderfully simple and practical person who has everything they need. We have a solution for you and that solution involves socks!

We received a fun-filled order of SockGuy socks last week; there is sure to be a pair that will please those feet!

We have several designs to choose from ranging anywhere from wild and colorful to simple and fun, and anywhere in between!
We have a variety of lengths to choose from, wool socks, and Channel Air socks.
Channel Air socks are by far the most comfortable sock I've worn. The heel has a great amount of cushion and my feet felt great after standing for 7 hours at work! 

I do not know of a single person who doesn't own or wear socks; the beauty of the gift of socks is that they are easily used. It's a simple, practical, and inexpensive way to put a smile on someone's face. (And have the coolest socks in town!)

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Importance of Bike Lights

 Bike lights are an important safety accessory that every person needs if they bike at night, in town or on the trails. Bike lights not only allow you to see what lies ahead, but also make you visible to traffic. 

City law states that all persons who bike at night must have a white light on the front of their bike and a red light or reflector on the back of the bike. Both must be visible for at least 300 feet. We have several options for you, based on your bike riding needs.

I started off my bike commuting with two Infini Wukong lights; one white and one red. These are small, battery powered, and inexpensive lights that can be installed easily on your bike or helmet. The Infini Wukong is my go-to for a rear taillight; even if you have a reflector I'd suggest investing in a small rear light. I feel one can never be too safe, especially when riding in town.
The Infini headlight is more to be in compliance with city law and promote visibility, but for distance lighting falls short in my book.

The next step up would be the Bontrager line of lights (Ion for white and Flare for red). These are affordable lights that will give you more visibility and light than the Infini Wukong lights. However, these lights are powered by AAA batteries (3 for the Ion and 2 for the Flare lights) so you will be purchasing batteries on a regular basis to keep yourself safe.

If you really want to have prime lighting I suggest the Night Rider Lumina series of lights. You will find these to be more costly, but the investment is worth it! I was upgraded to the Lumina 650 last year and was beyond impressed. (Note-the Lumina 650 is now Lumina 700)

The Lumina 650 has three levels of lighting; most of the time I keep it on the lowest level for my basic commuting needs. Out on the trails this summer I used the other two levels to aid my ride. It's a very sturdy light and has handled my clumsiness several times. It's a rechargeable light and comes with a USB cord that you can plug into your desktop or laptop computer. No surplus of batteries to stock up on! 

Whatever kind of riding you do in the evening hours we have options to keep you visible and safe! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Be Stationary Not Sedentary!

If you are looking for something to do this winter that is bike related, but you are more of a lone wolf and gyms aren't an option; we have the solution!
Invest in one of our stationary trainers and you can ride inside all winter long! We have several CycleOps trainers to choose from in several price ranges. The Mag Trainer for $179.00, Magneto for $259.00, Fluid2 for $299.00, and the Fluid2 Trainer Kit for $399.00. (Click the names of the trainer options to be linked to them on our website.)
Travis also wants people to know that when you buy your new CycleOps trainer from us, we're offering 10% off of any regularly priced bike!
Now is the chance to upgrade your bike and ride it during the winter!

You might not think you need an upgraded bike, but have you considered what kind of ride you are missing out on? I'll speak from personal experience. I started out on a used Fuji, which got me from point a. to point b. last year with flying colors. I knew for the experience I wanted out on the paved trails, I needed a different bike. It honestly took me 2 rides to figure that out; I did research and decided that a Specialized Vita Elite was the way to go! Now compared to my Fuji, I have a lighter bike that can go faster, and hills are less of a struggle as well.

Another thing that is beneficial with riding indoors right now is that you can make the transition to clipless in the ease of your home. We have an excellent selection clipless pedals and shoes in stock-bonus? We have some shoes on sale as well as in our clearance section!
These are just a few of the shoes we have on SALE!
We also have a small selection available on CLEARANCE!