Monday, November 11, 2013

Did You Know?

With the holidays fast approaching and stress hitting the roof, we'd love to remind you of two great ways to achieve your heart's desire; layaway and the Trek card!

Yes, layaway is an option at our store and we make it easy for you! All we ask is that you pay us a down payment and regularly stop in monthly to make payments toward your purchase. You get your item(s) once they are fully paid for. Simple!
We store everything here at the store, no hassle and no worries on your end!

The Trek card is another great way to make a large purchase on anything $500 or over. You simply come into the store and fill out an online application. Once approved we'll help you figure out a monthly payment so you can get your purchase paid off in 12 months, interest free. Awesome!

As you can see, we have two great options for you to make those larger purchases manageable and easy. Take some of the stress out of the holiday season this year, or any time of year with these two payment plans!

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