Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winterize Yourself!

The seasons are changing and winter will be coming upon us. Who knows how snowy or cold it will be, but we have everything you need to stay comfortable!

We have some tights on clearance right now! This is a great opportunity to get some cold-weather gear. There is also a Smartwool base layer available as well-I love the Smartwool base layers for biking in or just wearing under a t-shirt. It's a multi-purpose clothing item that will keep you comfortable in more ways than one!

We have a great selection of gloves for wearing out in
the elements for men and women alike. If you feel gloves just aren't enough, then you can invest in some wicked cool bar mitts! They are somewhat awkward to install, but they provide excellent coverage for your hands. Seriously recommended, especially on very cold days.

We have an assortment of foot coverings as well as options to keep your head, face, and ears warm! Balaclavas, headbands, and skull caps are available for you. I used a headband last year and thought it fine; I'm using a skull cap this year and am in love
with it. It's wind breaking and has a wonderfully soft interior. My helmet fits easily over it, and I really appreciate how the sides go down farther to cover your ears.

Lastly, an investment in a winter helmet may be worth it! They are made with a more closed-top design to keep your head from being exposed to too much ventilation, plus, they are made with ear-covers! You can still wear a balaclava under the helmet (I did all of last year).

Goggles are another thing you may find useful in your winter weather repertoire. I wore goggles often during my afternoon commutes-especially when it was snowing or raining. It prevented sleet or snow from getting into my eyes, and they also help to keep your eyes from tearing up. I wear contacts, so it's especially helpful for me!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey, are you feeling Knardy?

 What's that?!
We have fat tires from Surly?! You betcha!
Get your fat bikes situated with our lightweight, kevlar versions of Nate, Larry, or Knard tires! You can go to Surly (Just click on Surly to go to their website) and read more information on the tires. Cut a little weight off that bike of yours, and then you can truly say you're feeling "Knardy." (Bad puns are not refundable.)

Also, we also have fenders in for your fat bike! Now you can have the luxury of a removable fender for your fat bike. If you want to go out and play in the wet and sloppy weather; you now have the option of keeping your backside dry! (Granted, one might say that takes away some of the fun of getting dirty.)

This week Travis got in very special order-it's the start of our fat bike rental fleet! Look at those bikes just waiting to be built up to go out and play in the snow! If you've never ridden a bike in the winter months, this will be the year to try it! Who says winter has to be dull and boring? It definitely won't be on one of these!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Product Introduction and More!

So you've seen a few posts on our Facebook page about some wicked awesome shirts from Clockwork Gears. Well, here is the story of how we met them and how we came to sell their product!

Interbike 2013 was a literal cluster of businesses all sandwiched together in a perpetual mess. Ok, that is how I interpreted it. I did not have much for expectations while I was at Interbike, I just hoped to find some t-shirts that I would like to buy (if there was such a thing available!)

I (or Travis and I) actually met two small businesses that day, both of which made me happy: Whooha Gear was a female-focused small business that makes clothing with inspirational messages. It's not overly "girly" and for me, felt positive and fun. They create shirts/clothing for people who enjoy running, cycling, and participating in triathlons. They wanted to create a line of (athletic) clothes for women, to give them more options in a male-dominated world.
You can also find basic, positive, and fun messages that are not "sport" based as well. I purchased a few shirts from them for myself, and have chosen to spread the word on Whooha and their overall positive message.

The next booth we came to at Interbike that stuck my attention was that of Clockwork Gears . Travis was talking to one of the guys and I apparently ended up talking with the artist who made the designs! For us, this was something simple, fun, and exciting for us to bring to Decorah Bicycles. Shirts that are bike related and fun without branding you. A concept that we wanted for some time, and this makes it easy for anyone who loves riding to have something bike related. Plus the idea of being able to support another small business with our small business really excited us!
The shirts are comfortable and overall fit true-to-size, you can see the shirts we carry here.
They are great to get for yourself or perhaps give as a gift to your bike-obsessed friends. I must say, the angry panda shirt is one of my favorites! (Remember Christmas is coming!)

An order of SockGuy socks was placed, and I can't tell you how excited I am for that! I love socks, and they make a perfect gift any time of year! I got a pair of Channel Air socks for my birthday, and let me tell you-they felt amazing! They have so much cushion and they kept my feet feel happy with standing almost 7 hours. Can I be terrible and say they would make a perfect "stocking stuffer" for this upcoming holiday season?

In other news! It looks like interest in Fatbike rental is sky-high! I'll keep you updated as things progress with that.

Reefuel is having an Open House November 3rd from 1-3 p.m.! (Click here for details) You can check out the studio, get fitted for bikes, and enter to win 3 free classes!

We are still looking for and accepting applications for our 2014 bike season! You can find the job descriptions here. Stop in person to pickup an application at the store and bring it back with a resume and cover letter. Serious inquiries only.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hey! You can FixIt!

 I'm sure you have walked or driven by the shop and wondered about the bright green object near the front entrance. Wonder no longer, my friends! We have ourselves a handy, dandy, and oh-so-stylish fixit station!

With this station we have given you the power and control of basic maintenance that you can easily do on your bike, provided if you have the tools!

The handy thing about this label? If you have a smart phone you can get detailed repair instructions! As you can see, it shows you how/where to hang your bike, as well as the two different valves available for tires. One of the most BASIC things that anyone should learn how to do is check their tire pressure (and pump them!) For me (Josie) it was one of the most simple and liberating things I knew I could do for myself as a biking beginner. It is not as hard as it may seem! If you don't have a pump at home we have a FREE one you can access any time! Store closed? No problem!

 There are clear and easy to read instructions on pumping your tires. It's really crazy-simple to do! Also, tire pressure is so important on many levels. Keeping your tires aired to appropriate levels really assists you with the comfort of your ride. It also maintains good tire wear and overall condition. You do not drive around on half-inflated car tires do you? Why would you ride your bike with almost flat tires?
 You can see there are an assortment of tools that can assist you with basic maintenance on your bike! Everything you need is available for your use; now you can tighten that handlebar or any loose screw that may be there. Raise and lower that seat with confidence and ease!
 We hope that our new fixit station provides you with the tools you need to be the best rider you can be! We want to be here for you even when we aren't here; so we provided the basics to help you when you  need it. Awesome!

Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Time to Customize!

The prime cycling season has come to an end, which for many that is when riding bikes for a past time comes to a screeching halt. What do you do? How do you keep your passion for bicycles alive when you aren't riding as much?


Travis is your customization expert who turns ordinary frames into pieces of art. He has an eye for detail and a sense of perfectionism unlike anyone I've met. He will build you something simply spectacular-with bright colors and fun little additions, or he can build you something sleek and understated.

With customizing your bike, you can have more say in the finished product. You can have higher quality parts, pops of color, and can have the frame custom painted to a particular color. Yes, custom bikes are more expensive, but they are built with YOU in mind.

The fantastic part is during the colder months when our repair board isn't full, that Travis has more time to work on these fantastic creations. Also, you don't have to feel so down about not being able to ride it because the weather isn't as favorable. It's truly a win-win situation!

Travis is a really great bike mechanic, but his true talent shines when he can build you something that's not just out of a box. He has an exceptional eye for color, and will add little details to make everything flow together and "pop". The money invested into your custom bike is well worth it, and ultimately will be unlike any other bike you've had. You also know that the bike will work great mechanically, because he will not settle for anything less than perfect. If you have high standards, Travis' are even higher when it comes to bikes and how they look, work, and overall function.

When you get a custom bike, you aren't just spending money on a new bike-you are spending money on an experience! Let alone the bragging rights you get, along with everyone coveting your sweet new ride. I can't say I don't swell up with pride when someone asks about one of my bikes. It really is a treat to have something made with "me" in mind and not just straight out of the box.

With getting a customized bike you are making a statement for yourself and biking in general. You are providing a small, local business support as well as saying that biking should be FUN!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keeping the cold at bay

The seasons are changing rapidly and it already feels like winter! We have a great selection of gear to keep you comfortable and warm while you ride.

Josie loves the Bontrager skull cap-it has longer sides near the ears to keep them fully covered. Your helmet will fit over it easily as well.

Balaclavas, gloves, headbands, and more! You can find anything you need, and if we do not have it, order it for you.

Another item that Josie loves is the hooded base layer from Bontrager that is out right now: B3 WSD Hooded Long-Sleeve Baselayer

It has thumb holes so you can easily slip gloves on. The hood can be down and zipped so it is a loose collar around your neck. Have the hood up without it covering your face, or allow the lower-half to cover your chin/mouth similar to a balaclava. It is versatile, functional, and sharp!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tune Up Time and More!

Tune up time is NOW! You would think it should be in the spring months, but that will leave you feeling robbed of ample riding weather. Last year was huge for us, with the Trout Run Trail being completed, more and more people are riding bikes.

Every year we try our best to forewarn our customers that bringing in your bike on the first nice day is a bad idea. However, it has been proven that people really do forget about their bikes during the winter. Please! Let's change this!
It was hard to explain to our customers that there was almost always a 3 week waiting period for repairs, and we often get many on-the-spot issues to deal with. It's taken many after-hours nights to get things finished, and even with sacrificing personal free time, it still took weeks to catch up.

When you aren't using your bikes in the cooler months, you won't miss them when they are at the shop for a day or so. Our turn around times are excellent right now! When those warmer days hit, you'll be able to just pump up your tires and go! Wouldn't that be awesome? No waiting period, just pure and simple bike riding fun!

When you bring your bike in and you see our awesome CycleOps display, perhaps you'll reconsider giving up biking all year round. The stationary trainers come in at different price points, but all provide that one basic detail: you get to bike INDOORS! We have a spectacular special with this-if you buy a trainer you get 10% off any new, regular priced bike. Josie uses a stationary trainer for a majority of her long-distance riding in the winter time. (However, she is going to experiment with riding out in the snow a bit more this year for fun. Riding to work is a given!) When the colder seasons are over with, just store the trainer away. If you aren't a fan of riding in the rain; now you can ride inside!

Another great option are indoor cycling classes at Reefuel! You can find out more about these classes if you click their link on the right-hand side of the page. You'll have several instructors and times to choose from! We are also offering a fantastic deal for those who sign up for Reefuel's indoor cycling classes-we've given them coupons to give out that gives spinners 10% off of shoes and cleats!

Even tho our warmer seasons have passed, there are still some fantastic options for you to choose from!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seasonal Bike Help Wanted!

We are now accepting applications for a Rental Bike Technician and Indoor Bike Technician for the 2014 bike season (March-September). 
We have both part time (15-20 hours) and full time (32-36 hours) positions available. 
We are looking for individuals who are passionate about bikes, have a desire to learn, attention for detail, and enjoy working in a fast paced environment. 

If you feel you meet our qualifications and would like to work for our shop, please stop in to pick up an application. We ask that you return your application to Decorah Bicycles with a resume and cover letter. If you are from out of town, please contact us to have a application sent to your email.

Rental Bike Technician duties include-
*Basic bike maintenance on all rental bikes
-Tire inflation
-Light mechanical work
*Keep shed clean and sorted
*Customer service
-Assisting renters with proper bike fit
-Answering questions bike and trail related
-Answering the phone
-Cash register skills a plus

Indoor Bike Technician duties include-
*Partial bike assembly
-Light mechanical, wheel work
*Cleaning repair bikes
*Basic store upkeep
*Customer service
-Cash register transactions
-Answering the phone
-Answering customer questions
*Understanding of bike specs a plus