Monday, October 28, 2013

Product Introduction and More!

So you've seen a few posts on our Facebook page about some wicked awesome shirts from Clockwork Gears. Well, here is the story of how we met them and how we came to sell their product!

Interbike 2013 was a literal cluster of businesses all sandwiched together in a perpetual mess. Ok, that is how I interpreted it. I did not have much for expectations while I was at Interbike, I just hoped to find some t-shirts that I would like to buy (if there was such a thing available!)

I (or Travis and I) actually met two small businesses that day, both of which made me happy: Whooha Gear was a female-focused small business that makes clothing with inspirational messages. It's not overly "girly" and for me, felt positive and fun. They create shirts/clothing for people who enjoy running, cycling, and participating in triathlons. They wanted to create a line of (athletic) clothes for women, to give them more options in a male-dominated world.
You can also find basic, positive, and fun messages that are not "sport" based as well. I purchased a few shirts from them for myself, and have chosen to spread the word on Whooha and their overall positive message.

The next booth we came to at Interbike that stuck my attention was that of Clockwork Gears . Travis was talking to one of the guys and I apparently ended up talking with the artist who made the designs! For us, this was something simple, fun, and exciting for us to bring to Decorah Bicycles. Shirts that are bike related and fun without branding you. A concept that we wanted for some time, and this makes it easy for anyone who loves riding to have something bike related. Plus the idea of being able to support another small business with our small business really excited us!
The shirts are comfortable and overall fit true-to-size, you can see the shirts we carry here.
They are great to get for yourself or perhaps give as a gift to your bike-obsessed friends. I must say, the angry panda shirt is one of my favorites! (Remember Christmas is coming!)

An order of SockGuy socks was placed, and I can't tell you how excited I am for that! I love socks, and they make a perfect gift any time of year! I got a pair of Channel Air socks for my birthday, and let me tell you-they felt amazing! They have so much cushion and they kept my feet feel happy with standing almost 7 hours. Can I be terrible and say they would make a perfect "stocking stuffer" for this upcoming holiday season?

In other news! It looks like interest in Fatbike rental is sky-high! I'll keep you updated as things progress with that.

Reefuel is having an Open House November 3rd from 1-3 p.m.! (Click here for details) You can check out the studio, get fitted for bikes, and enter to win 3 free classes!

We are still looking for and accepting applications for our 2014 bike season! You can find the job descriptions here. Stop in person to pickup an application at the store and bring it back with a resume and cover letter. Serious inquiries only.

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