Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tune Up Time and More!

Tune up time is NOW! You would think it should be in the spring months, but that will leave you feeling robbed of ample riding weather. Last year was huge for us, with the Trout Run Trail being completed, more and more people are riding bikes.

Every year we try our best to forewarn our customers that bringing in your bike on the first nice day is a bad idea. However, it has been proven that people really do forget about their bikes during the winter. Please! Let's change this!
It was hard to explain to our customers that there was almost always a 3 week waiting period for repairs, and we often get many on-the-spot issues to deal with. It's taken many after-hours nights to get things finished, and even with sacrificing personal free time, it still took weeks to catch up.

When you aren't using your bikes in the cooler months, you won't miss them when they are at the shop for a day or so. Our turn around times are excellent right now! When those warmer days hit, you'll be able to just pump up your tires and go! Wouldn't that be awesome? No waiting period, just pure and simple bike riding fun!

When you bring your bike in and you see our awesome CycleOps display, perhaps you'll reconsider giving up biking all year round. The stationary trainers come in at different price points, but all provide that one basic detail: you get to bike INDOORS! We have a spectacular special with this-if you buy a trainer you get 10% off any new, regular priced bike. Josie uses a stationary trainer for a majority of her long-distance riding in the winter time. (However, she is going to experiment with riding out in the snow a bit more this year for fun. Riding to work is a given!) When the colder seasons are over with, just store the trainer away. If you aren't a fan of riding in the rain; now you can ride inside!

Another great option are indoor cycling classes at Reefuel! You can find out more about these classes if you click their link on the right-hand side of the page. You'll have several instructors and times to choose from! We are also offering a fantastic deal for those who sign up for Reefuel's indoor cycling classes-we've given them coupons to give out that gives spinners 10% off of shoes and cleats!

Even tho our warmer seasons have passed, there are still some fantastic options for you to choose from!

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