Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hey! You can FixIt!

 I'm sure you have walked or driven by the shop and wondered about the bright green object near the front entrance. Wonder no longer, my friends! We have ourselves a handy, dandy, and oh-so-stylish fixit station!

With this station we have given you the power and control of basic maintenance that you can easily do on your bike, provided if you have the tools!

The handy thing about this label? If you have a smart phone you can get detailed repair instructions! As you can see, it shows you how/where to hang your bike, as well as the two different valves available for tires. One of the most BASIC things that anyone should learn how to do is check their tire pressure (and pump them!) For me (Josie) it was one of the most simple and liberating things I knew I could do for myself as a biking beginner. It is not as hard as it may seem! If you don't have a pump at home we have a FREE one you can access any time! Store closed? No problem!

 There are clear and easy to read instructions on pumping your tires. It's really crazy-simple to do! Also, tire pressure is so important on many levels. Keeping your tires aired to appropriate levels really assists you with the comfort of your ride. It also maintains good tire wear and overall condition. You do not drive around on half-inflated car tires do you? Why would you ride your bike with almost flat tires?
 You can see there are an assortment of tools that can assist you with basic maintenance on your bike! Everything you need is available for your use; now you can tighten that handlebar or any loose screw that may be there. Raise and lower that seat with confidence and ease!
 We hope that our new fixit station provides you with the tools you need to be the best rider you can be! We want to be here for you even when we aren't here; so we provided the basics to help you when you  need it. Awesome!

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