Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winterize Yourself!

The seasons are changing and winter will be coming upon us. Who knows how snowy or cold it will be, but we have everything you need to stay comfortable!

We have some tights on clearance right now! This is a great opportunity to get some cold-weather gear. There is also a Smartwool base layer available as well-I love the Smartwool base layers for biking in or just wearing under a t-shirt. It's a multi-purpose clothing item that will keep you comfortable in more ways than one!

We have a great selection of gloves for wearing out in
the elements for men and women alike. If you feel gloves just aren't enough, then you can invest in some wicked cool bar mitts! They are somewhat awkward to install, but they provide excellent coverage for your hands. Seriously recommended, especially on very cold days.

We have an assortment of foot coverings as well as options to keep your head, face, and ears warm! Balaclavas, headbands, and skull caps are available for you. I used a headband last year and thought it fine; I'm using a skull cap this year and am in love
with it. It's wind breaking and has a wonderfully soft interior. My helmet fits easily over it, and I really appreciate how the sides go down farther to cover your ears.

Lastly, an investment in a winter helmet may be worth it! They are made with a more closed-top design to keep your head from being exposed to too much ventilation, plus, they are made with ear-covers! You can still wear a balaclava under the helmet (I did all of last year).

Goggles are another thing you may find useful in your winter weather repertoire. I wore goggles often during my afternoon commutes-especially when it was snowing or raining. It prevented sleet or snow from getting into my eyes, and they also help to keep your eyes from tearing up. I wear contacts, so it's especially helpful for me!

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