Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey, are you feeling Knardy?

 What's that?!
We have fat tires from Surly?! You betcha!
Get your fat bikes situated with our lightweight, kevlar versions of Nate, Larry, or Knard tires! You can go to Surly (Just click on Surly to go to their website) and read more information on the tires. Cut a little weight off that bike of yours, and then you can truly say you're feeling "Knardy." (Bad puns are not refundable.)

Also, we also have fenders in for your fat bike! Now you can have the luxury of a removable fender for your fat bike. If you want to go out and play in the wet and sloppy weather; you now have the option of keeping your backside dry! (Granted, one might say that takes away some of the fun of getting dirty.)

This week Travis got in very special order-it's the start of our fat bike rental fleet! Look at those bikes just waiting to be built up to go out and play in the snow! If you've never ridden a bike in the winter months, this will be the year to try it! Who says winter has to be dull and boring? It definitely won't be on one of these!

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