Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Time to Customize!

The prime cycling season has come to an end, which for many that is when riding bikes for a past time comes to a screeching halt. What do you do? How do you keep your passion for bicycles alive when you aren't riding as much?


Travis is your customization expert who turns ordinary frames into pieces of art. He has an eye for detail and a sense of perfectionism unlike anyone I've met. He will build you something simply spectacular-with bright colors and fun little additions, or he can build you something sleek and understated.

With customizing your bike, you can have more say in the finished product. You can have higher quality parts, pops of color, and can have the frame custom painted to a particular color. Yes, custom bikes are more expensive, but they are built with YOU in mind.

The fantastic part is during the colder months when our repair board isn't full, that Travis has more time to work on these fantastic creations. Also, you don't have to feel so down about not being able to ride it because the weather isn't as favorable. It's truly a win-win situation!

Travis is a really great bike mechanic, but his true talent shines when he can build you something that's not just out of a box. He has an exceptional eye for color, and will add little details to make everything flow together and "pop". The money invested into your custom bike is well worth it, and ultimately will be unlike any other bike you've had. You also know that the bike will work great mechanically, because he will not settle for anything less than perfect. If you have high standards, Travis' are even higher when it comes to bikes and how they look, work, and overall function.

When you get a custom bike, you aren't just spending money on a new bike-you are spending money on an experience! Let alone the bragging rights you get, along with everyone coveting your sweet new ride. I can't say I don't swell up with pride when someone asks about one of my bikes. It really is a treat to have something made with "me" in mind and not just straight out of the box.

With getting a customized bike you are making a statement for yourself and biking in general. You are providing a small, local business support as well as saying that biking should be FUN!

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