Rides (Annual/Weekly)

Weekly Rides

Our Decorah Bicycles Co-Ed and FWD group rides will officially run May-October.
Starting in 2017 be on the look out for rides put on by our Ride Ambassadors!
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Our Decorah Bicycles Co-Ed/FWD rides are casual pace and no-drop.
No rider left behind!
We will leave the shop as close to 5 p.m. as possible

Please be at Decorah Bicycles 10-15 minutes before departure time.
We look forward to riding with you!
As we provide for the FWD group, we will rent out a fatbike or mountain bike of your choosing for a reduced rate of $15.00 for this Sunday ride.

Questions? Email Josie: josie@decorahbicycles.com

Read about past rides:
New Year's Day Bluffton Ride (annually)
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Cranksgiving Day Ride
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New Year's Eve Women's Fatbike Ride
- Read about the 2014 Ride!

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