Every New Year's Day riders meet up in the Decorah Bicycles parking lot to get ready for a good ol' ride to Bluffton. Bluffton is about 26 miles round-trip and there are several ways to get there that take routes on both pavement and gravel. Often times New Year's Day is pretty darn cold, but this year we had a "warm" day with highs in the upper 20's. To date, it was one of the largest groups ever for the Bluffton ride!

Travis had been on the rides years ago, so this was his first ride in a long while. Kristin and I both were new to the experience.

The Bluffton ride is known for the partaking of spirits along the way, there is a number of stops that are made to and from- I believe there was 5 or so? However, know that you are not at all obligated to stop! If you are cold, continue on and the group may catch up with you.
You don't even have to start out with the group! You can leave and head to Bluffton at whatever time works best for you.

On the way back? Travis, Kristin, and I opted out of making the stops so we could get back home on time. Potentially I would suggest if you would like to avoid additional ruckus and hyjinks- the ride back would be the one to just go straight to your destination. Use your imagination- we stop to hang out at a small little bar in Bluffton- Randy's Bluffton Store. Of course there will be consumption of beer, burgers, and cheesecurds!

If you are a woman looking to take part on this ride, know that you will be treated respectfully by the men who are there. Not once were Kristin and I made to feel uncomfortable. It's truly a situation where everyone there is friendly- jokes are made, the guys might wrestle around, but people seem to know who is up for what.

It was really a fun experience and I encourage those who have never been on the ride to consider going next year.
Of course, weather might not be the best- so one would have to dress appropriately and secure a fatbike for rent. (If necessary)

It's really a ride that you can turn into what you want it to be! Drinking is not a requirement and you will find others in the same boat.
Join the ride later or even beat us there! Either way, you will be sure to have a fun time!

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