Monday, December 16, 2013

All About Grips!

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive upgrade for a bike this year, consider replacing the grips.  Based on the type of riding you do, different grips are associated.

Have you suffered from numb and tingly fingers? Consider a flared ergonomic grip. It has a “shelf” for you to rest your palm on and helps to reduce pressure on the ulnar nerve.
Ergon is one of the most recognized brands of ergonomic grips, and they have multiple shapes and sizes for different hand sizes or riding preferences.  These grips come in lengths for trigger or grip shifters as well as small and large sizes for different hand sizes.

They also come with or without a built in bar end. Bar ends allow you to have an alternate hand position and lets you not rest your hand in the same spot all the time. Bar ends also give you the ability to stretch out more and give you more hill climbing leverage. There are multiple bar end shapes and lengths to choose from.

One of the most important features of Ergon grips is that when they’re installed you will use a wrench to tighten the built-in clamp that locks them in place and maintains the angle that you find most comfortable for your hands. Other ergonomic grips that do not have a clamp built in will quickly start to rotate down because the shelf that you rest your palm on acts as a leverage point. That, combined with heat and general riding will end up rotating the grip so the shelf is pointing straight down and is no longer beneficial for what it was designed for. With Ergons you can set it and forget it and simply focus on enjoying your ride.

The shop’s favorite from the Ergon line is the BioKork version. Some of the benefits of this grip are that the body is biodegradable, the clamp is 100% recyclable, and the grip doesn’t become sticky or melt in the sun like some traditional rubber grips. It’s a great and functional product for the Earth conscious person in your life.
Another type of grip that’s commonly used in the mountain bike scene is a unique type of silicone grip from ESI. They are very light weight, grippy, and shock absorbent which gives the rider more comfort and more control while riding off road. The most popular of the ESI grips is the model called Chunky which is simply a thicker version that gives a little more comfort compared to others. Many people who ride in the winter will use these grips along with a carbon fiber handlebar because the two of them combined are less cold than aluminum bars and traditional rubber grips. Aluminum bars tend to hold the cold while carbon does not.

We regularly carry grips from Raceface, Specalized, Ergon, and ESI along with a variety of others. If by chance, we do not have the grips on hand that you want, we are happy to order alternatives for you. Grips are a fantastic, simple, and affordable way to freshen up any ride, so stop in today and check them out!

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