Friday, December 20, 2013

Fatbike Rental

Travis is very excited and pleased to bring Decorah another fun way to enjoy the winter season this year; Fatbike Rental!

You can rent a fatbike for 4 hours for $25.00 or a full day (24 hours) for $40.00 or $250.00 for a month.

I do not know anyone who hasn’t been the least bit intrigued by the fatbike craze. It’s really taken off within the last year. Everyone wants to know what all the hype is about; now you can experience it for yourself. You have your choice of riding a Surly Pugsley or perhaps you’ll choose to try out the new Trek Farley. Another nice feature of our rentals is that they come equipped with bar mitts; they protect against the elements and provide additional warmth for your hands as well.

Fatbikes are a great way to experience some play time in the snow as the larger tires roll over obstacles easily. You also have more to push as well; people who ride fatbikes do not care about pedaling around a few extra pounds. When the tires are squishy it gives the bike extra traction to tackle that snow.

Fatbikes are fun because they let you experience a different way of riding. It’s not about the speed and how fast you can go but about enjoying the ride and having fun! If you’ve had curiosity over riding a fatbike, now is your chance to experience it and maybe even fall in love with it. Don’t let the winter blues bore you and leave you waiting impatiently for the spring season; get out and roll in the snow!


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