Friday, November 1, 2013

Be Stationary Not Sedentary!

If you are looking for something to do this winter that is bike related, but you are more of a lone wolf and gyms aren't an option; we have the solution!
Invest in one of our stationary trainers and you can ride inside all winter long! We have several CycleOps trainers to choose from in several price ranges. The Mag Trainer for $179.00, Magneto for $259.00, Fluid2 for $299.00, and the Fluid2 Trainer Kit for $399.00. (Click the names of the trainer options to be linked to them on our website.)
Travis also wants people to know that when you buy your new CycleOps trainer from us, we're offering 10% off of any regularly priced bike!
Now is the chance to upgrade your bike and ride it during the winter!

You might not think you need an upgraded bike, but have you considered what kind of ride you are missing out on? I'll speak from personal experience. I started out on a used Fuji, which got me from point a. to point b. last year with flying colors. I knew for the experience I wanted out on the paved trails, I needed a different bike. It honestly took me 2 rides to figure that out; I did research and decided that a Specialized Vita Elite was the way to go! Now compared to my Fuji, I have a lighter bike that can go faster, and hills are less of a struggle as well.

Another thing that is beneficial with riding indoors right now is that you can make the transition to clipless in the ease of your home. We have an excellent selection clipless pedals and shoes in stock-bonus? We have some shoes on sale as well as in our clearance section!
These are just a few of the shoes we have on SALE!
We also have a small selection available on CLEARANCE!

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