Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Commuting-Yes You Can!

Did you know that you could commute to work all winter long? Well you sure can!

The basics of winter riding are simple, you want to have layers, a good coat, and your extremities covered. Most of us have items we can easily layer, which makes the first part simple.
If you have a winter coat, you may already have one that is water and windproof. If you do not have a coat that is water or windproof you may consider getting one. Otherwise look for an option that you can wear over your winter coat-use it for the windy and wet days that you'll be riding in. I personally didn't realize the benefit of having a wind and waterproof layer until I had one. It really makes the ride much more tolerable.
You can wear simple tights or long johns under your pants to give you added insulation; and don't forget warm socks!

You may need to spend a little money on items to keep your extremities warm, such as good gloves, head gear, and goggles. Goggles look silly, but they really provide you excellent blockage from snow/sleet and cold air. When you ride in the cold your eyes are likely to tear up, the goggles will prevent that from happening. Also, no worries on snow or sleet flying into your eyes either!
For your head a skull cap or headband that is windproof will keep your ears nice and cozy. I prefer the skull cap because gives full-head coverage and it's quick and easy to put on.
If you have a good pair of gloves, you might consider putting bar mitts on your bike as well. They are a great accessory that can be installed relatively quickly and easily for you. They provide a cavity for your hands to go into, completely covering your hands and wrists. It provides an extra barrier from the wet elements and wind, keeping you comfortable.

One of the other things to do if you ride all winter or are going to, is to get your bike tuned up and looked over. Ask questions! What kind of tires would be more helpful for your riding experience in the snowy months? Studded tires are also available during the icy months and would be a great investment.
Your chain may need to be cleaned and lubed more frequently due to the sand/salt/grit out on the streets and general wet of winter. Maybe you'd like to know more about our removable fenders? Fenders are excellent for helping to keep the wet/slop/dirt off your back, as well as keeping the spray off your face!

A tune up now will keep your running smooth for the winter months to come. Our repair board is not filled to the brim, so we are able to help you quickly and efficiently!
If you are not looking to ride your bike this winter, getting your bike tuned up now will save you a wait in the summer months. It's really that simple! So take advantage of winter and use it for your benefit. Make your winter commute safer and fun, or get yourself primed and ready for some awesome riding for spring!

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