Thursday, January 2, 2014

Time is ticking-get your bikes in!

Time is ticking, January is here and March is inching around the corner; this means it’s Tune Up Time!

It happens every year, once people experience the first nice riding day of the year, our shop floods with bikes. Everyone wants their bike tuned up or repaired and they want it done right now and our repair boards are more than flooded with individuals wanting to have a positive riding experience on their bike.

When January hits everyone starts making resolutions to better their lives. Why not promise yourself a great riding season by getting your bike in right now? The weather is going to be chilly and you certainly won’t miss your bike. If you are using your bike for indoor training, have no fear! Turn-around time for bike repairs and tune-ups is very quick; you can expect your bike back within the next business day if there are no major repairs.

If you bring your bike in now, you are saving yourself wait time to get your bike back. Once repairs and tune-ups flood in, there is undoubtedly a wait time that we constantly struggle to eliminate. Not only are you doing yourself a favor you are doing us a service as well! During the bitterly cold days of the winter customers aren’t interested in skiing, skating, snowshoeing, or renting fatbikes. We would love to put our hands on your bike and whip it into shape for the coming bike season!

Spread the word and let your friends know; bring your bike in now for the quickest turn-around time this year will offer!

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